Our site portfolio shows our work.

MasterTips.com.au is Key Code's sports tipping service.

Taking the hassle out of running your company or organisation's tipping competition, the site uses ASP and Microsoft Access to deliver dynamic content to those that use the service.

Customised based on the registered user logged in to the site, options are tailored to give each user the best possible experience through uncomplicated and direct navigation.


After trying an "off the shelf" sports web site, Futsal NSW found that that their presence was not a great fit for their business.

Futsal NSW needed a dynamic web site that could run their club structure and competition draws as well as relay news, store library documents, provide coaching information and display picture galleries.

Key Code came to the party with a site that did all that was required as well as customising a vistor's experience.

Through site registration, a visitor got they needed depending on the club and team the vistor played for.



Indoor5s and Campbelltown City Quake Futsal Clubs didn't need a huge solution, just a simple portal to show off their brand.

Linking into the Futsal NSW site, both clubs can keep their identity in the front of their site visitors minds with their domain name proudly displayed through out.

Some simple trickery lets the user peruse the Futsal NSW site without ever changing the web address.